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Right click on the link below and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." to download the Security Zen Installer.

Run the downloaded file to install.

Currently Security Zen is only available for Windows 7 or higher.  Installer may require Admin permissions to perform installation.

Security Zen software is free. However, in order to support maintenance and further enhancements, please consider paying for a license and become a Security Zen Master. A license enables the full capabilities of the software for you and lets us continue work.

See Release History for detailed list of changes in each version

Current Release:

Version 3.6: SecurityZenSetup_36.msi - Minor bug fixes.

Prior Releases:

Version 3.5: SecurityZenSetup_35.msi - Select Security Files based on Entity Security.

Version 3.4: SecurityZenSetup_34.msi - Added ANT package Generator.

Vesion 3.3: SecurityZenSetup_33.msi - Bug fix for same named Permission Sets with different NamespacePrefixes.

Vesion 3.2: SecurityZenSetup_32.msi - Minor enhancements from Version 3.1.

Vesion 3.1 Beta: SecurityZenSetup_31B.msi - Version 3.1 Beta is a major overhaul of the code. We request you provide feedback of your experience using this new version.

Vesion 2.9: SecurityZenSetup.msi

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